Bungonia Caves

R Ellis et al.

* 1972. Hard cover.
* 1977. Reprinted. Hard Cover in dust jacket.
* 1992. Reprinted. Soft Cover (no colour illustrations).

40 B&W photographs, 18 colour photographs (B&W in soft cover edition), 12 figures, 108 maps (2 fold out, 1 in pocket at back of book), 18 tables, 12 historical source paper reprints, References, Index.

First Settlers, Early Visitors, History, Surface and Underground Plan, Cave Descriptions, The Efflux, Bungonia Cave Maps, Geomorphology, Foul Air, Fossil Records,Invertebrate Fauna, Bats, Birds, Flora, Conservation and Mining, Case for Bungonia Gorge, Historical Source Papers, References, Index.

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