Membership Fees and Renewal

Annual membership for SSS are now able to be paid via PayPal, membership renewal notices are posted with your JSSS and payable by 30th June each year. Please pay promptly.
Membership includes a full year subscription to the JSSS as well so it represents great value.

2020-2021 - 1 Year Membership Single - $ 70

2020-2021 - 1 Year Membership Family - $ 100

Visitor Trip fees

If you are not ready to make the commitment to a full membership and would rather just come along to a trip or two then a Visitor Trip is the best option.

Non SSS members are able to attend official SSS trips providing they pay the visitor trip fee. This fee is charged for the first and subsequent trips that visitors attend. The first trip fee covers the cost of insurance for 12 months as well as a copy of the JSSS. Second and subsequent trips are cheaper but we do expect people to join after the 2nd or 3rd trips.

Visitor Trip Fee (1st Trip) - $ 30

Visitor Trip Fee (2nd or 3rd Trip) - $ 10

Please provide details of your first trip in the comments section so we can
verify that your insurance is up to date.
If you have not paid the 1st trip fee via PayPal please provide payment details.