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Sat 26 Aug 2023


A short intro

In 1954 The Sydney Speleological Society started out with about forty people. The membership numbers have increased significantly by the Mid- Seventies. During the past decade we have had very steady membership numbers. Some of our members are still with us from day one.

Our Society offers its members a structured organization that coordinates caving activities in all of its forms. From sport caving to the abstract cave sciences one can find the help and encouragement as needed within the Society.
Our membership consist of honorary, life and full members. Most of our activities are open to visitors but we expect regulars to join our Society sooner than later

We depend on membership and visitors fees to maintain our society. All fees are determined at the societies Annual General Meeting each year.


The Committee of SSS recently determined that our membership fees need to be updated and in most cases, regretfully, increased. The new rates that will appear on member invoices will be as follows:

* A concessionary fee is due when the member is a student, pensioner, retired, unemployed or a single parent. We will, as best as we can, pre-assess your category when we send out the membership renewals but if we are wrong with our assessment of your situation please let us know.

New members joining after 31st October pay membership at a "pro rata" rate based on date of joining. Please contact our Membership Secretary if this applies to you.
Meeting Fees - Includes supper
$A 5.00 (Pay on the night)

How to Join

Are you interested in caving?

If you are interested in caving or simply want to get involved in something different than why not join us?

Don't worry !

We are not all scientific or technical types. Most of us simply enjoy caving. Caves are a limited and sometimes easily damaged resource. The presence of knowledgeable people in the Society means we can go on caving without damaging the caves through ignorance. Most of us have increased our general knowledge of a wide variety of subjects just by rubbing shoulders with the specialists.

1. View and print a copy of our Membership Application Form in .PDF format by clicking the link HERE.

2. Contact the MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY or SEND AN E-MAIL to the Society.

3. Come to visit one of our monthly General Meetings or Talk Nights (see the MEETINGS lists).

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