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Books published by SSS.

The Sydney Speleological Society (SSS) has achieved a distinguished publishing record since being founded in March 1954. It urges its members to publish articles on caves and cave areas, the results of trips, fieldwork and documentation. These range from short monographs to full length books. The Society is a non-profit organisation and all monies from its publications are used to finance other books of interest to cavers and speleologists. The Sydney Speleological Society seeks to extend its list of caving publications and will consider manuscripts from anyone who wishes to submit them to the Society, whether or not they are members of The Sydney Speleological Society. The subject matter must be of speleological interest, but there are no criteria on length or format as the Society has several methods of publication and can accommodate almost any style.

ALL of the following publications are FOR SALE (except where noted as Out of print). Note that photocopies of Out of print publications can be arranged.

Sandstone Caves of Blackheath

Sydney Speleological Society Occasional Paper Number 20

$ 30.00 to $100.00 (Plus Postage)

Caves and Karst of Yarrangobilly

Sydney Speleological Society Occasional Paper No. 19

$ 70.00 (Plus postage)

Doing the Grand Canyon Blackheath

Sydney Speleological Society Occasional Paper No. 18

$ 18.00 (Plus postage)

King Solomon's Caves

Sydney Speleological Society Occasional Paper No. 17


Guides of Wombeyan Caves 1864 - 2012

$ 40.00 (Plus postage)

References to Caves in New South Wales Government Publications 1870 - 1919 (On CD)

$ 15.00 (Includes Postage!!!)

Sandstone Caves of Mount Victoria

$ 30.00 (Plus Postage)

The Men of Jenolan Caves (1838-1964)

$ 27.50 (Plus Postage)

Caves and Karst of Wombeyan

$ 48.00 (Plus Postage)

Wombeyan Caves

Wombeyan Caves

$ 38.00 (Plus Postage)

Bungonia Caves

$ 38.00 (Plus Postage)

Walking the Valley

$ 12.00 (Plus Postage)

Single Rope Techniques

OVER 8000 Copies in print!!!

$ 30.00 (Plus Postage)

The History of the Sydney Speleological Society 1954 - 1994

$ 15.00 (Plus Postage)

History of Cave Science

$ 50.00 (Plus Postage)

Oliver Trickett

Doyen of Australia's Cave Surveyors 1847 - 1934

$ 38.00 (Plus Postage)

The South-East Karst of South Australia, A Bibliography

$ 5.00 (Plus Postage)

Bibliography of Tasmanian Karst

$ 5.00 (Plus Postage)