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Members Photos

Wombeyan Caves - Around 1988

Early SSS group photo from Wombeyan, about 1988

Wombeyan Caves - November 2005 - Gareth Halbert

Yellow and brown orchid

Gareth on a fallen tree

Skull in a pool

Old power lines in quarry

Old Wombeyan quarry sign

Mushrooms on a log

Wild Rose flower

Erik surveying Basin
Cave entrance

Erik Halbert working hard
on another article for Ross

Flower at Wombeyan

Another Wombeyan flower

Old tag style

Another Wombeyan flower

This tag has had enough

New tag style

Mistletoe at Wombeyan

Wattle at Wombeyan

Yet another flower at

Wombeyan Caves - September 2005 - Gareth Halbert

The tree that has fallen
near the SSS campsite

Gareth, Erik and Ian in
Tinted cave

Detail of the Junction

The old lock and gate on
Basin Cave

Birds nest

Lichen on the old pressure
tank at the back of the

Orchid on the track to
Basin Cave

Erik Halbert working hard
on another article for Ross

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