Single Rope Techniques

Author: Neil Montgomery.

Published: November 1977. 1st Edition- Soft cover, September 1978. 2nd Revised Edition, September 1981. 3rd Edition- Hard cover, November 1982. 4th Edition- Soft cover, March 1985. 5th Edition, August 1987. 6th Edition, October 1991. 7th Edition, January 1994. 8th Edition, March 1997. 9th Edition.

Description:123 Quarto pages.11 B&W photographs, 163 figures (14 of which are photographs), sketch cover.

Contents: Ropes for Abseiling and Prusiking, Basic Rope Knots, Anchors, Rigging, Harnesses, Carabiners and Helmets, Abseiling, Prusiking, Vertical Caving Efficiency, Self Rescue, Some Manufacturers and Suppliers of SRT Equipment, 152 References.
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